Why Kentucky & Tennessee?

Why Kentucky & Tennessee?

1.  Jobs

1The life insurance industry employs approximately 23,000 people in Kentucky and Tennessee.  In addition, the life insurance industry supports approximately 28,000 non-insurance jobs in Kentucky and Tennessee.


2.  Investment in the Local Economy

1Life insurers provide $6 billion in mortgage loans on farm, residential, and commercial properties, and own $579 million in real property in Kentucky and Tennessee.


3.  Opportunity

1With only 2.1% of the companies that do business in Kentucky and Tennessee domiciled in either state don’t you think our states’ should get a bigger “piece of the pie?”  Why not keep premium dollars in state?  Why not be a part of a company owned by shareholders in each and every county of your state?  The opportunity has arrived!


Our Strategies for Success

  1. Competent Management
  2. Adequate Capitalization
  3. Statewide Plan of Ownership
1All statistical data is compiled from the American Council of Life Insurers.